Park Lane International School in Prague - Czech Republic
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The Nessie Team

All of our staff members have been trained in early childhood education and have experience with teaching in preschools all over the world. They undergo a stringent selection process; we require that they hold the necessary education to be a successful and dynamic teacher, but also that they possess the personal qualities to work with young children. Nessie Preschool provides on-going professional development training for all teachers to keep them up with current educational practice.  
Joe Eyles

  Head of Primary & EYFS
Alena Valentová

School Administrator & Registrar

          Czech Department

Kateřina Jiroudková

  Czech Teacher
Michaela Lopes

Czech Teacher

     Foundation Stage - Pre-Nursery

Dawn Warby

Pre-Nursery Teacher & Health and Safety Officer

Lucie Elizeusová

Pre-Nursery Teaching Partner
Alison Purves

Pre-Nursery Teaching Partner



Laura Abrahams

Nursery Teacher
Xeniya Verle
        Nursery Teaching Partner                                     



Emma Lunt

Reception Teacher
 Sally Whitworth
Reception Teaching Partner

Key Stage 1 - Year 1

Tina Chapman

  Year 1 Teacher
Jana Kurčonoka
Year 1 Teaching Partner


 František Dlouhý



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